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Portable Amplification


The MamboAmp is extremely portable amplification...

...compact, lightweight, warm, clean, and very loud indeed !

Reviews, accolades and more information

The user guide and specification is here

User Guide and Specification (pdf)

Testimonials from other musicians

There are some recent accolades here.
Incidentally, I don't do "endorsement" deals. All the comments are unsolicited and genuine, without any financial incentives.
accolades (pdf)

How it's made

Mambo Amps are hand-built in our superbly equipped 2000 square-foot workshops in the Pennines near Manchester (England). The pcbs for the electronics are gold plated, made in Scotland and hand-assembled in our workshops. The volume and tone pots are highest quality with metal shafts and center-detent and are hand-wired for robustness and reliability. The Mambo Amp is carefully designed to be as noisless as possible for recording studio use, no switch-on pops, no hums or buzzes etc., with particular attention to making it immune to radio interference and mobile-phone interference. The main power supply and power amplifier incorporate overcurrent and overtemperature protections which make them short-circuit proof and extremely robust and reliable. We build our own cabinets in-house from top-quality Scandinavian birch ply, with each cabinet carefully inspected and hand-finished.

A frequently asked question; Do you use analog power amps or class D? This question does not make sense, but requires an answer. We use class D power amplifiers, which are by their very nature analogue amplifiers. here's an explanation analogue or class D ? (pdf)

Who makes it

Mambo Amps are the brain-child of Jon Shaw, (aka Jon Mambo following several years playing guitar in the afro-latin jazz band The Mambos). Jon has an honours degree in electronic engineering and many years experience working as a freelance design and development engineer in various specialities. The need for a high-quality small and powerful guitar amp became apparent and the Mambo Amp was (eventually) born. It's the result of a lifetime of experience with amplfier design and experimentation, recording and gigging.

electric mambo amp

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